Pricing & Value 

We will bring the market to you, but the market will bring your price! 

Our goal is to work with you to select a price that is right on target and generates offers. This value is determined not by us, but by the market.


The value of your home can be influenced by the following:

  • Price - The optimal price is that at which you are willing to sell and which a ready, willing and able buyer is prepared to pay.

  • Time - A reasonable amount of time, which varies with price range and market conditions, should be allocated to find a suitable buyer.

  • Market Conditions - These are influenced by the number of homes for sale, the number of buyers relative to sellers and the financing conditions.


  • Competitive Market Analysis  (CMA) -  We will provide you with a detailed analysis of the comparable homes in your neighborhood so that you can more accurately price your home to sell.

  • Absorption Rate Pricing - We will analyze the rate at which comparable properties are selling in your neighborhood.  This tool shows us the rate the market is “absorbing” the inventory.  A 0-6 month absorption rate shows a sellers market, and an absorption rate over 6 months shows a buyers market.

  • Scattergram Pricing Graph - We use Focus 1st, the premier real estate pricing and presentation software to prepare pricing models that will help you better visualize the market for homes in your neighborhood.

  • Preview Comparable Listings - We will preview the “comps” in your neighborhood to analyze comparative features that will assist us in setting the best sales price for your home.      

  • Prepare Seller’s Net Proceeds Sheet  - We will prepare a seller’s net proceeds sheet that outlines your costs and what your net proceeds will be based on the selling price you decide on.                                                   

  • Weekly Market Updates - With changing market conditions it is imperative to continuously monitor the market. 

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