Shocket Team Guides You Through The Closing Process 

The closing day is full of excitement.  We work hard to guide you all the way until the end of your transaction and beyond.  Here are a few of the key steps at closing.


  • Final Loan Approval & Closing Disclosure - Once the underwriter has reviewed and given final approval of your loan, the lender will issue your Closing Disclosure (CD).  Once you acknowledge the disclosure there is a 3 business day waiting period before we can close escrow.
  • Loan Documents Sent to Title - Once you have acknowledged your CD your lender will send your loan documents to the title company.  At this time an appointment will be scheduled for you to go to the title company to sign your closing documents.
  • Wire of Final Funds - You will be provided with an amount and wire instructions from the lender/and or title company for you to wire in your closing funds.  Wires initiated before 2 p.m. are typically received that day, after 2 p.m. they arrive the following day.
  • Deed Recorded - Once all the closing documents have been signed, lender funds are received, and your funds are received the title company will release the deed to be recorded at the county. 
  • Key Delivery - Once we have confirmation of the recording the Shocket Team will meet you to give you the keys to your new home.


Just prior to closing we will schedule an appointment with the seller to visit the property one last time prior to closing to ensure that the property condition is acceptable.


Just prior to closing the Shocket Team will provide you with a utility letter with instructions on order new service for your home.  You will want to ensure this has been done prior to closing to avoid service interruption.


If your home has a community mail boxes you will need to visit the closest post office with a copy of your closing statement (provided by the title company) in order to get your mailbox rekeyed and new keys provided to you.


The Shocket Team always recommends that you change the locks on your new home as soon as possible after you become the new owner. 

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