The Shocket Team Will Walk You Through The Inspections & Repairs Process 

Structural Inspections  (Prices vary depending on home size.  $300 & up)

All structural inspections are completed by Residential, General and Master Inspectors, licensed by the State of Nevada Real Estate Division.  Inspections include a complete evaluation of the structure’s foundation and flooring, roof cover and roof framing, exterior components, interior components, plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, built-in appliances and the site of the structure.

Wood Destroying Pest Inspections  (Prices vary depending on home size.  $150 & up)

All wood destryoing pest insepctions are completed by certified Pest Inspectors, licensed by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture.  Pest inspections meet all FHA, VA and Conventioinal loan requirements.   Pest inspections focus on all types of wood destroying pest, including termites, carpenter ants, wood borers and wood destroying fungus. 

Heating & Air Conditioning Inspections (Prices vary depending on home size.  $150 & up)

Inspections of heating and air conditioning systems are completed by State licensed HVAC contractors.  Inspections includes full operation of the systems. carbon monoxide testing and a complete visual inspection.

Fireplace & Chimney Inspections ($85 and up)

Inspection of all masonry, manufactured zero clearance, and freestanding or built-in wood and pellet stoves, are completed by licensed specialists.  Inspection includes a complete evaluation of the firebox, gas systems, damper, chimney flue, crown, flue cap and exterior.

Wood & Pellet Stove Certifications ($90 and up)

Certification of wood and pellet stoves is completed by Inspectors Licensed by the Washoe County Health Departments Air Quality Management Division.  Within Washoe County (Reno, Sparks and surrounding areas), solid fuel burning devices such as wood or pellet stoves, are required by the county to be certified to verify that they meet the counties air quality health requirements. Certifications must be completed prior to close of escrow or property transfer.


Septic Inspections

  • Septic Lid Location. Lids to the septic tank inlet and outlet must be located and exposed for inspection.  If electronic locating is required the cost $175 & up.   If the septic company has to dig the lids and they are less than 2’ from the surface the cost is $90 per hour and up.  If the lids are deeper, heavy equipment must be brought in and the cost can start at $370 and go up.
  • Septic Inspection. The septic company will inspect the tank and do a water test to insure proper function of the tank. This cost varies by size of tank.  ($140 & up.)
  • Septic Tank Pumping. Once lids are accessible the septic company will send a truck out to pump the tank.  The cost of this varies depending on the size of the tank.  ($450 & up.)  If the tank has not been pumped for some time and the solid waste is not movable an additional cost may be required to “hydro” the solids.  ($180 & up.)

Well Inspection (Well audit $375 & up and water quality $255 & up.)

The well inspection typically is comprised of a well audit which checks the function of the well, well pump and depth of the well.  The second part of a well inspection is the water quality test. 


Roof Inspections ($150 & up.)

A Roof Inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of the roof surface of the home. A roof inspector will begin the inspection by identifying the type of material used and the approximate age of the roof surface. They will also identify all of the various dormers, chimneys, crickets, and jacks or any other type of area where special attention is needed. The inspection will point out any deficiencies in these areas that need repair. 

Survey (Cost vary but can range in the $500 to $1000 range.)

The two most common surveys for residential real estate pruchases are property cornder searches and boundary surveys.  This type of inspection is recommended when the property's boundaries might be in question, or for vacant land purchases.

Oil Tank 

Some older homes in the Reno-Sparks area have oil heating systems.  These systems may have an underground tank that olds the heating oil. Locating and doing an inspection of the tank, and it's integrity can be done.  Price vary.  

Sewer Line Test ($185 & up.)

Sewer lines can pose problems, especially in older homes, but the standard visual inspeciton can do little to idenity issues, unless dramatic blockages occur during the inspection.  Sewer line specialitys use high-tech cameras to view the actual condition of the line.  Repair or replacement of sewer lines can cost many thousands of dollars, to it is recommended that this service be performed before purcahse at any structure that is more than 40 years old, or where know concerns exist.

This is not intended to be a complete list of inspections available. 



Your attendance at the inspections is encouraged.  The Shocket Team attends all buyer inspections to get first hand reports from the inspectors.  All inspections will be followed by a written report as well.



Once inspections are completed we will meet to review them and determine which items are a priority for you to have the seller repair up to the “not to exceed” amount or repairs in our contract.  If the inspections uncover issues that would exceed our negotiated repair limit we can attempt to negotiate these items with the seller, or if severe you would have the right to cancel your contract.



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